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NaV Highlight
Voltage-gated sodium (Na+) channels (NaVs) are essential players regarding action potentials in the nervous system and the heart. Whether you are interested in the localization of the various channels or the activity of NaVs, Alomone Labs provides meticulously designed antibodies produced in rabbit or guinea pig and a broad array of pharmacological products. Our NaV antibodies can also be found conjugated to fluorescent dyes (ATTO); a great tool for colocalization studies. If electrophysiological studies is more in your line of work, come and check out our wide range of NaV blockers and activators, an array of small peptide toxins and small organic molecules; some classical and some novel. Also available are explorer kits to screen for NaV channels when the identiy of the channel in question is unknown.
In this NaV highlight we offer short scientific reviews of papers citing the use of our NaV antibodies and NaV channel modulators.
Antibodies with New Applications!
 New Applications have been added to the following antibodies!
Val66Met proBDNF (human and human cleavage resistant)
Val66Met proBDNF protein polymorphism: the importance of the proDomain to the mature BDNF.
Tityustoxin-Kα (#STT-360) from Alomone Labs is a potent and specific blocker of Kv1.2 channels1,2. It was originally isolated from the scorpion Tityus serrulatus venom2 and is offered in a fluorescently labeled version Tityustoxin-Kα-ATTO-594 (#STT-360-AR).
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