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Technical FAQs

Dear Customer,

Below is a list of different technical questions ranging from product content to product storage. Do not hesitate to contact our headquarters at techsupport@alomone.com and your inquiry will gladly be forwarded to the appropriate department.
Are peptides from natural or synthetic sources?
Are your products tested for endotoxin levels?
Are additives added to the peptides/proteins?
Is dry ice required for the shipment of peptides/proteins?
How to properly handle a peptide/protein vial?
How should peptides and proteins be stored?
What is the expiration of Alomone Labs peptides/proteins?
What is the difference between the WT and the mutated proteins of proNGF and proBDNF?
What is the difference between Tetrodotoxin with citrate and without citrate?
How much citrate is added to Tetrodotoxin (citrate) (#T-550)?
How can I use Tetrodotoxin (TTX) for long term tissue culturing?
Why do different lots of the same antibody give different western blot results?
Why are there differences between the detected MW band in a western blot and the calculated one?
What is the control antigen and how is it used?
How do you avoid cross reactivity between close members of the same protein family?
What is the antibody isotype of the rabbit polyclonal antibodies?
I am having difficulties detecting the full length of the Na+/Ca2+ channel, what can I do?
How do I reconstitute the antibody?
What are antibodies conjugated to ATTO dyes?
Are antibodies conjugated to ATTO dye suitable for flow cytometry application?
What are the advantages of extracellular antibodies?
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