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Fall 2017. Receive a FREE Antibody!
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All you need for NT-3 Research!
Alomone Labs NT-3 antibodies and research reagents.
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Winter 2017. All you need for KV7 Channels Research!
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Winter 2017. New Endothelin Receptor Pharmacology!
Alomone Labs exciting new Endothelin Receptor pharmacology.

Ro46-8443 (#R-185):

Fall 2016. New P2X3 Receptor Blockers!
Alomone Labs exciting new P2X3 Receptor blockers.
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Spring 2013. We're at the Experimental Biology Annual Meeting!
Come see us at booth #884 for a FREE sample at the upcoming Experimental Biology meeting: April 20-24, 2013 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. 
Winter 2013. We're at the Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting!
Come see us at booth #214 at the upcoming Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting: February 2-6, 2013.  
Summer 2012. A new line of monoclonal antibodies
Polyclonal antibodies, especially those produced in rabbits, are often thought off as the "work horses" of the biological world. They are relatively easy to produce, if one plans and raises the antibody carefully, they can be quite specific, and above all, they usually are quite good as reagents in a variety of applications. Polyclonal antibodies, however, have a clear drawback and that is that as a combination of different antibodies with different specificities and avidities, the specific mixture of individual antibodies, and hence, the end product, tends to vary, between bleeds, injections, productions, etc.
Summer 2012. An Ideal Platform for Co-Localization Studies
Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, are widely used in fluorescent microscopy applications. In order to demonstrate the intracellular location and spatial interactions between different molecules in living cells/tissues, the need for highly specific antibodies originating from different species is growing.

Alomone Labs is establishing a new line of polyclonal antibodies purified from guinea pigs.

Summer 2012. Using fluorescent primary antibodies
Alomone Labs offers a line of well-characterized primary antibodies directly conjugated to a new generation of bright fluorescent dyes by ATTO-TEC.
Summer 2012. Xenopus Oocyte Membrane Lysates
The Xenopus oocyte system has become a model system not only for studying membrane potential and its electrophysiological properties, but also the mechanisms leading to gene expression, and various biochemical pathways, etc. Xenopus oocytes are large cells and usually robust heterologous expression of membrane proteins is easily achieved by directly injecting mRNA of the desired protein manually into each oocytes which allows for easy manipulation.
October 2010. Alomone Labs presents a Symposium on Ion Channels and Autoimmune Diseases
In October 2010 Alomone Labs sponsored a symposium on the role of ion channels in autoimmune diseases, which was held at the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel.
Winter 2006. ATTO Dyes
Alomone Labs is pleased to offer a new line of its well-characterized antibodies directly conjugated to a new generation of specially developed, bright fluorescent dyes by ATTO-TEC.
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