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Alomone Labs, your partner in ion channel research, is a leading supplier of Ion Channel, GPCR and Neural Signaling tools. We specialize in the production of primary antibodies, small molecules, proteins and peptides used in basic science research. Alomone was established in 1989 and has become the most comprehensive source of ion channel research tools used by scientists worldwide. All of Alomone`s products undergo bioassay validation and are supplied in lyophilized powder format so that you can be confident about their biological activity and long shelf life.
Ion Channels
Alomone Labs offers a comprehensive line of Ion Channel research products including labeled and unlabeled antibodies and their associated modulators.
G-Protein Coupled Receptors
Alomone Labs has an ever-growing list of GPCR antibodies, agonists and antagonists.
Neural Signaling
Alomone Labs line of Neural Signaling products includes some of the most important antibodies and growth factors used in Neurotrophic Factor research.

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