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Immuno-Colocalization Products

Alomone Labs is committed to developing innovative tools for studying protein-protein interaction and/or protein colocalization. For these purposes we are raising our well known rabbit antibodies in guinea pig. These high quality antibodies enable you to perform immunohistochemistry (IH) and immunocytochemistry (IC) without having to worry about cross-reactivity.
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Anti-GPR39 (extracellular)
human proBDNF-Biotin
Melanocortin Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit
Explorer Kits
Extracellular-Targeted P2X Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit
Mechanosensitive TRP Channel Antibody Explorer Kit
TRPC Channel Antibody Explorer Kit


Immuno-Colocalization Updates:
Kir3.2 and K2P2.1 in Rat Substantia Nigra

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Aquaporin 3 Mediates H2O2 Signaling in Colon

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Live Cell Imaging Updates:
Expression of CXCR5 in Living Human LNCaP Cells

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