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Glycine Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit

A Screening Package of Glycine Receptor Antibodies Economically Priced
  • Antigen included
    Antigen included
  • Shipped at room temp.
    Shipped at room temp.
  • QC tested
    QC tested
  • Cat #: AK-230
  • Size: 8 vials
Application key: CBE- Cell-based ELISA, FC- Flow cytometry, IC- Immunocytochemistry,
IE- Indirect ELISA, IFC- Indirect flow cytometry, IH- Immunohistochemistry, IP- Immunoprecipitation,
LCI- Live cell imaging, N- Neutralization, WB- Western blot     
Species reactivity key: H- Human, M- Mouse, R- Rat
Control antigen included Lyophilized powder
General information
Alomone Labs is pleased to offer the Glycine Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit (#AK-230). This Explorer Kit includes antibodies targeting Glycine receptors along with their respective peptide control antigen. An ideal tool for screening purposes.

Anti-Glycine Receptor α1     #AGR-001                                 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Glycine Receptor α3     #AGR-003                                 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Glycine Receptor α4 (extracellular)     #AGR-015     1 x 50 µl
Anti-Glycine Receptor β     #AGR-014                                   1 x 50 µl
Each antibody is supplied with its respective control peptide antigen.
Scientific Background
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For research purposes only, not for human use
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