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Shaker (KV)-Related Channel Blocker Explorer Kit

A Screening Package of Shaker (KV)-Related Channel Blockers Economically Priced
  • Bioassay tested
    Bioassay tested
  • Shipped at room temp.
    Shipped at room temp.
  • Cat #: EK-108
  • Size: 21 vials
General information
K+ selective channels are some of the most widespread ion trafficking molecules in living organisms, with more than 70 genes encoding different K+ channels in humans. KV channels fall into one of the two classical categories of delayed rectifier (DR) and A-type. Delayed rectifier was the original name attributed to voltage-dependent K+ channels due to their delayed activation in squid giant axons. A-type channels are low voltage-activated, fast inactivating (therefore, transient) K+ channels. Specific KV toxins are often used to dissect the particular contribution of different subunits to native currents.

Alomone Labs is pleased to offer the Shaker (KV)-Related Channel Blocker Explorer Kit (#EK-108). This Explorer Kit includes peptide toxins known to block KV2, KV3 and KV4 channels. An ideal tool for screening purposes.

AmmTx3     #STA-305     1 X 0.1 mg
BDS-I     #STB-400     1 X 0.1 mg
BDS-II     #B-450     1 x 0.1 mg
Citalopram    #C-195     1 x 5 mg
Citalopram hydrobromide     #C-185     1 x 25 mg
Dapoxetine hydrochloride     #D-175     1 x 10 mg
Fluoxetine hydrochloride     #F-155     1 x 50 mg
Guangxitoxin-1E     #STG-200     1 x 50 µg 
Heteropodatoxin-2     #STH-340     1 x 0.1 mg
Jingzhaotoxin-III     #STJ-200     1 x 50 µg
Jingzhaotoxin-V     #STJ-050     1 x 50 µg
Jingzhaotoxin-IX     #STJ-300     1 x 50 µg
Jingzhaotoxin-XII     #STJ-100     1 x 50 µg
Phrixotoxin-1     #STP-700     1 x 50 µg
Phrixotoxin-2     #STP-710     1 x 50 µg
ProTx-I     #STP-400     1 x 0.1 mg
Rosiglitazone     #R-125     1 x 10 mg
RY796     #R-160     1 x 5 mg
SNX-482     #RTS-500     1 x 50 µg
Stromatoxin-1     #STS-350     1 x 50 µg
Trifluoperazine dihydrochloride     #T-175     1 x 1 g
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