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Live Cell Flow Cytometry Products

Flow Cytometry has never been simpler


Alomone Labs FITC-conjugated extracellular antibodies offer you significant advantages. Skip cell permeabilization/fixation.


NOW you can conduct flow cytometry using live cells in ONE single step.


These novel antibodies save you valuable time and resources, while empowering your research results.



✓ Developed for flow cytometry (FACS)
✓ Tested with appropriate isotype control
✓ No need for secondary antibodies
✓ Conjugated to “extracellular” antibodies
✓ Cell-surface detection of proteins
✓ Permeabilization & cell fixation not required
✓ Time saving



Within our antibody portfolio, we gladly take on special requests for customized antibody labeling/conjugation.


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Estrogen Receptor


GPER is a G protein-coupled seven-transmembrane receptor. It is believed that the N-terminus is located outside of the cell, and that aspartic acid residues in the terminal region might be modified by glycosylation if GPER is localized in the plasma membrane. It is speculated that the ligand associates with the N-terminal domain to activate the receptor. Trimeric G protein is presumed to bind to the 3rd loop of the intracellular domain based on the molecular structure. A PDZ domain appears to be in the C-terminal region of GPER, but its physiological role is unknown.

Displaying 1 to 2 products (out of 2 products)

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Displaying 1 to 2 products (out of 2 products)