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Live Cell Imaging Products

Extracellular antibodies are ideal research tools for cell-surface proteins.


No permeabilization/fixation because using extracellular antibodies allows you to work with live cells!


Benefits of live cell imaging:
Monitor cell movement
Study protein transport across the cell
Investigate protein internalization

ASIC/ENaC/Degenerin Family

ASIC channels belong to the ENaC/Degenerin superfamily and are proton-gated ion channels which are not voltage-dependent.  ASIC1a, ASIC1b, ASIC2a, ASIC2b, ASIC3, ASIC4, and ASIC5.

ENaC channels are composed of three structurally related subunits: α, β, and γ which mostly coassemble as heteromeric structures in order to form functional channels. These channels are highly sensitive to amiloride and are hence commonly termed amiloride-sensitive channels.


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