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Live Cell Imaging Products

Extracellular antibodies are ideal research tools for cell-surface proteins.


No permeabilization/fixation because using extracellular antibodies allows you to work with live cells!


Benefits of live cell imaging:
Monitor cell movement
Study protein transport across the cell
Investigate protein internalization

Gap Junction Channels

Gap junctions are usually found in clusters and enable intercellular communication by allowing the passage of small molecules between cells. They play important roles in different biological processes. These include differentiation, cell cycle synchronization, cellular development, neuronal activity and the immune response. Proteins involved in gap junction formation are composed of four transmembrane domains, two extracellular loops and one intracellular loop and intracellular N- and C-termini. Several consensus cysteine residues in the extracellular loop are essential and necessary for intercellular docking of gap junction hemichannels in the opposing cell membrane.

  • Anti-Pannexin 2 (extracellular) Antibody

    A Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody to Pannexin 2

    Cat # ACC-232
    Type Polyclonal
    Host Rabbit
    Applications icc, if, lci, wb, ifc*, ihc*, ip*
    Reactivity h, m, r
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