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Live Cell Flow Cytometry Products

Flow Cytometry has never been simpler


Alomone Labs FITC-conjugated extracellular antibodies offer you significant advantages. Skip cell permeabilization/fixation.


NOW you can conduct flow cytometry using live cells in ONE single step.


These novel antibodies save you valuable time and resources, while empowering your research results.



✓ Developed for flow cytometry (FACS)
✓ Tested with appropriate isotype control
✓ No need for secondary antibodies
✓ Conjugated to “extracellular” antibodies
✓ Cell-surface detection of proteins
✓ Permeabilization & cell fixation not required
✓ Time saving



Within our antibody portfolio, we gladly take on special requests for customized antibody labeling/conjugation.


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Na+/K+ ATPases

Na+/K+-ATPase a membrane protein located on the plasma membrane of all animal cells, is involved in maintaining the Na+ and K+ gradient across the cell membrane. It is ubiquitously expressed in neurons and helps maintain normal neuronal function. The enzyme is composed of a catalytic a chain of 112 kDa. and α glycosylated β chain of 40–50 kDa. There are four isoforms of the α subunit (α1, α2, α3 and α4) and three isoforms of the β subunit (β1, β2 and β3) with different tissue distributions.
Na+/K+-ATPase abnormalities have been reported to be involved in several neurological diseases such as seizures, bipolar disorder, spongiform encephalopathy, and Alzheimer’s disease. Na+/K+-ATPase may also have implications in behavioral defects.

  • Anti-ATP1B3 (extracellular) Antibody

    A Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody to Beta 3 Na+/K+ ATPase

    Cat # ANP-013
    Type Polyclonal
    Host Rabbit
    Applications ifc, ihc, wb, icc*, ip*, lci*
    Reactivity h, m, r
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