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Overexpressed Membrane Fractions

Voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (CaV) form an important route for Ca2+ entry into cells, upon deviations from the cells’ resting membrane potential. There are ten CaV α1 subunit genes, divided into three subfamilies on both a functional and sequence homology basis. The CaV1 subfamily includes four genes which encode the L-type channels, the CaV3 subfamily includes three genes encoding the T-type channels and the CaV2 subfamily consists of three isoforms encoding P/Q- , N- and R-type channels, with all three contributing to neurotransmitter release in neurons.

Overexpressed Membrane Fractions are Xenopus oocyte membranes overexpressing a specific ion channel. Membrane fractions are sold as a set of injected and non-injected oocytes. They enable end users to verify/validate the specificity of Alomone Labs antibodies.

Overexpressed Membrane Fractions can also be purchased as a kit with their respective antibody.

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