Mitochondrial Ion Channel Antibody Explorer Kit

A Screening Package of Mitochondrial Ion Channel Antibodies Economically Priced
  • Lyophilized Powder
  • Antigen Incl.
Cat #: AK-535
Last update: 24/01/2020

Alomone Labs is pleased to offer the Mitochondrial Ion Channel Antibody Explorer Kit (#AK-535). The Explorer Kit contains mitochondrial ion channel antibodies, ideal for screening purposes.

For research purposes only, not for human use


Product NameCat #Size
Anti-CLIC4 Antibody
ACL-024 1 x 50 µl
Anti-KCNK9 (TASK-3) (extracellular) Antibody
APC-044 1 x 50 µl
Anti-KCNMA1 (KCa1.1) (1097-1196) Antibody
APC-021 1 x 50 µl
Guinea pig Anti-KCNMA1 (KCa1.1) (1097-1196) Antibody
AGP-014 1 x 50 µl
Anti-KCNMA1 (KCa1.1) (1184-1200) Antibody
APC-107 1 x 50 µl
Anti-KCNMA1 (KCa1.1) (extracellular) Antibody
APC-151 1 x 50 µl
Anti-KCNN4 (KCa3.1, SK4) Antibody
APC-064 1 x 50 µl
Mouse Anti-KCNN4 (KCa3.1, SK4) (extracellular) Antibody
ALM-051 1 x 25 µg
Anti-KV1.3 (KCNA3) Antibody
APC-002 1 x 50 µl
Anti-KV1.3 (KCNA3) (extracellular) Antibody
APC-101 1 x 50 µl
Guinea pig Anti-KV1.3 (KCNA3) (extracellular) Antibody
AGP-005 1 x 50 µl
Anti-LETM1 Antibody
ANT-183 1 x 50 µl
Anti-MCUR1 (CCDC90A) Antibody
ACC-321 1 x 50 µl
Anti-MICU1 Antibody
ACC-322 1 x 50 µl
Anti-MCU Antibody
ACC-328 1 x 50 µl
Anti-VDAC Antibody
AVC-001 1 x 50 µl
Note A mouse monoclonal antibody (#ALM-051) and guinea pig polyclonal antibodies (#AGP-005 & #AGP-014) are included in this Explorer Kit. Please take into account when reacting with a secondary antibody.

Scientific Background

Scientific Background
    • Mitochondria are the main energy producing organelles of the cell. They are comprised of an outer membrane (OMM), an inner membrane (IMM), a space between them and a matrix enclosed within the IMM. Many of the ion channels found in mitochondria are vital for energy supply by the mitochondria for the rest of the cell. Channels are located both in the OMM and IMM.
      The most abundant and well-studied OMM ion channel is the voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC). This channel has a β-barrel structure composed of 19 β-strands and an NH2-terminal α-helix. In addition to various anions this channel conducts substantial flows of Ca2+, ATP and superoxidase. This channel is presumed to be highly regulated and to serve as the main gateway for cellular-mitochondrial “cross-talk”.
      Another ion channel observed in the OMM is the Inward rectifying voltage dependent potassium selective ion channel (Kir). The activity of this channel is regulated by cAMP and osmolarity and is blocked by cesium cations. Interestingly, other classical potassium channel inhibitors do not block the channel.
      The IMM contains a large number of potassium channels with different structural and functional properties including Big-conductance, intermediate and small-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels. In addition, there are KV1.3 voltage gated potassium channels which are hypothesized to be similar to plasma membrane KV1.3 channels in structure but their functional properties remain unclear. Other IMM ion channels are pH-sensitive potassium channels and various calcium, potassium and non-selective cation channels1.

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