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Science Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Let’s show you how to make huge savings while also giving you the chance to try something new in the lab.

It’s hard to get around the fact that buying reagents for your lab is often boring and expensive. Not a combination you ever really want to experience, but that’s usually the price of science. Right? You fill up on your essentials, like antibodies, ion channel modulators, maybe a toxin. But you pass over either ‘less-than-exciting’ essentials – like blocking peptides as controls – or ‘actually exciting’ reagents you’ve had your eye on because, well, they’re expensive. 

We don’t like that. We don’t like that maybe you’re not running experiments because your budget won’t stretch to a fluorescently labeled venom toxin or a vial of recombinant growth factor.  

So, let’s fix it. 

We’re giving you huge savings the more you buy – up to 50% off your whole order, in fact. Add to that discounted blocking peptides when you buy them with their respective antibody. And we’ll even throw in up to two free samples (full-sized product – no meager trial sizes). Together, you stand to save an incredible amount of your valuable budget and you also get to try something new at the same time. 

Let’s go through some examples to show you just how extreme this can be.

Minimal Savings 

Let’s imagine you’re looking at potassium channels. You might want a couple of antibodies, like Anti-KCNK3 (TASK-1) (#APC-024) and Anti-KCNMA1 (KCa1.1) (1097-1196) (#APC-021), and the blocking peptides that go with them.

Okay, so we’re at $1,376.

Well, that means you’re also entitled to two free samples. There’s some interesting work on mechanosensory channels your postdoc is doing so it’d be nice to get some Anti-Piezo2 (#APC-090) and GsMTx-4 (#STG-100). 

That’s $425 + $207, so $632 of reagents you can add for free. 

Okay, nearly done. Now let’s apply the MYKIT code from our Build Your Own Kit offer. Because you’ve chosen four products (not counting your two freebies), you get a 15% discount. This takes off another $206.

Minus $90 because you’re a conscientious scientist who got the proper blocking peptide controls. 

That brings the final total to $1,079.60. You just got $2,008 worth of reagents for almost half price. Oh, and the shipping’s free. That’s incredible. 

Table showing how to save more money on reagents with four products.

Maximal Savings

But we’re only just getting started. Let’s expand the experiments. You get some more antibodies, a guinea pig one for those multiplex experiments you’ve been secretly planning, all their respective blocking peptides, and an ion channel-blocking toxin conjugated to a fluorescent tag. We’ll keep the same free samples we had earlier (although you’d be better off picking a pair of antibodies as free samples!).

You’re quickly at what should amount to a $5,010 order. But you’ve got your free samples in there, the blocking peptide saving is at $225 now, and because you’re over nine items, your MYKIT code takes a massive 50% off. 

You now get that $5,010 order for just $1,964. Better than half price. We’re not sure this could get any better.

As you can see, spending longer getting the things you really want will save you a substantial amount of money. 

Table showing how to save even more money on reagents with nine products.

How Are We Doing This?

To put it simply, we’re the manufacturer. The real cost of this stuff goes into developing the reagents: the trial and error, the failure and successes. Once we have a fully validated reagent, we can deliver it straight from our lab to yours. 

The truth is that most other vendors aren’t developing the bulk of their catalog. So, they can’t afford to offer you savings like this because it eats into their profit margins as they have to pay the original manufacturers. This can also result in the same reagent being repackaged and rebranded under a different name, but we won’t get into that right now. 

Suffice it to say, everything you get from us is made by us, tested by us, and shipped by us. And it goes straight to you. 

Why Are We Doing This?

We’re not trying to make you spend more than you usually would. We know you need to buy a whole range of products from multiple vendors. We want you to buy more of that range from us. And with these rewards, we make that as easy as possible. 

That’s the financial and business reason. But we’re mostly scientists here and the truth is we want you to do great things in the lab. Do we want to see our products in papers? Of course we do! But we want to see great science done even more. We want you to try that marker, that blocker, that whatever-it-might-be. We want you to have the tools you need to answer the questions we know you have. If we can help you do that without worrying about your lab’s budget quite so much, then we’ll consider that an achievement. 

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