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Big on choice. Low on cost.

Your curiosity shouldn’t be held back by budget.

And shouldn’t have to go from vendor, to vendor, to vendor, trying to find the reagents you need. You should be able to find everything you need to answer the questions you have. Alomone Reagent Rewards give you just that. Unlike other vendors, we reward you for shopping with us – with reagents. And at no extra cost. Alomone Reagent Rewards means your lab can choose more of what it needs, while spending less of its budget. The idea is simple: the more you shop with us, the more reagents you earn. These are full-sized products (smallest available size) that you simply add to your cart once you qualify.








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The not-so-small print
The only restrictions on your full-sized (smallest available size) reagent rewards are:
Also, don’t forget to include the reward reagents you’d like if you’re requesting a quote or contacting us about an order.

How it Works

Once you’ve qualified for an Alomone Reagent Reward, head to the product pages to select the reagent you’re interested in trying and simply click

And that’s it.

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