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Antibodies, Small Molecules &
Peptide Toxins


All you need for membrane protein research

Alomone Labs products serve thousands of researchers in the fields of neuroscience, cardiovascular, cancer, stem cell, development, immunology, and metabolism research.

Our pharmacological reagent and polyclonal antibody (rabbit and guinea pig) portfolios are quite unique in that we test and show activity for new lots of each and every product.

With 30+ years of experience in membrane protein antibodies and pharmacological reagents, we provide you with the best research tools you need. Focus on your research.


Product portfolio

Ion Channels   GPCRs
Transporters/Exchangers/Pumps   Neurotrophic Factor Receptors


Innovative platforms

Using cutting edge technology, our product development team never fails to anticipate and create new & novel platforms that will take your research the extra mile ahead of everyone’s.


Antibodies for Multiplex Staining   Antibodies for Live Cell Imaging
Antibodies for Live Cell Flow Cytometry   ATTO/Biotin-Labeled Peptide Toxins


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