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Adrenergic Receptors


Adrenergic Receptors (Adrenoceptors) are seven transmembrane proteins belonging to the superfamily of GPCRs. They respond to the endogenous ligands adrenaline and noradrenaline by inducing a cascade of physiological effects. These receptors have a central role in blood pressure and smooth muscle relaxation and heart contraction. After Rhodopsin, they have become the most studied GPCR to date and are targets for the continuous development of agonists/antagonists.

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  • Talipexole dihydrochloride

    An Antagonist of 5-HT3 Channel, an Agonist of D2 Dopamine Receptor and α2-Adrenoceptor

    Cat # B-140
    Source Synthetic
    MW 282.23
    Target 5-HT3, D2 dopamine, α2-adrenoceptor receptors
    • Bioassay Tested

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Displaying 1 product (out of 1 products)