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Multiplex Staining Products

Alomone Labs has developed two innovative platforms for studying protein-protein interaction and/or protein co-localization in complex immunostaining or immunoprecipitation protocols:


ATTO-Conjugated Antibodies: These antibodies can be used in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) with same species antibodies.


Save time and resources with ONE antibody.


Benefits of immunostaining with ATTO-conjugated antibodies:
Direct immuno-fluorescence
Secondary antibodies are not necessary
Ideal for immuno-colocalization with same species/host antibodies


More on ATTO dyes


Guinea Pig-Raised Antibodies: Antibodies raised in guinea pig can be used with any non-guinea pig second species antibodies (e.g. antibodies raised in mouse, rabbit, goat, etc.) in complex immunostaining or immunoprecipitation protocols. Our line of guinea pig raised antibodies can be combined with any of our rabbit-raised or ATTO-conjugated antibodies in complex immunostaining protocols.

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Lysosomal Ion Channels


Lysosomes are intracellular acidic organelles containing over 60 different types of hydrolases. They are responsible for the degradation of intracellular components from autophagy and of extracellular particles from endocytosis. Lysosomes contain a large number of membrane proteins, some of them being ion channels which play an important role in regulating membrane potential and lysosomal ionic homeostasis. Thus far the following native ionic conductances have been revealed in single channel recordings and in whole-lysosomal recordings from artificially enlarged lysosomes: K+, Na+, Cl, Ca2+ and H+.

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