Live Cell Imaging Products

Extracellular antibodies are ideal research tools for cell-surface proteins.


No permeabilization/fixation because using extracellular antibodies allows you to work with live cells!


Benefits of live cell imaging:
Monitor cell movement
Study protein transport across the cell
Investigate protein internalization

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ATTO-Conjugated Antibodies

AMPA Receptors

ATTO-Conjugated Antibodies

AMPA receptors are members of the glutamate receptor family of ion channels that also include the NMDA and Kainate receptors. The three subfamilies are named after the original synthetic agonists that were identified as selective ligands of each family.
The α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoazolepropionic acid (AMPA) receptor subfamily includes four members AMPA1-AMPA4 that are also known as GluR1-GluR4 respectively.
The functional AMPA channel is believed to be a tetramer, with most neuronal AMPA receptors being actually heterotetramers composed of AMPA1 plus AMPA2 or AMPA2 plus AMPA3, although homotetramers can also be found.

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  • Anti-GluR1 (GluA1) (extracellular)-ATTO-594 Antibody

    A Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody to AMPA-Selective Glutamate Receptor 1 (GluR1) Conjugated to the Fluorescent Dye ATTO-594

    Cat # AGC-004-AR
    Type Polyclonal
    Source Rabbit
    Applications ic, lci, ih*
    Reactivity h, m, r
    • Lyophilized Powder
    • Antigen Incl.
  • AMPA Receptor 1 Deluxe Research Pack

    All You Need for AMPA Receptor 1 Research

    Cat # ESD-700
    • Lyophilized Powder
    • Antigen Incl.

* See product page

Displaying 1 to 2 products (out of 2 products)