TRPP Channels


The mammalian TRP channel superfamily includes nearly 30 members which are distributed in several subfamilies: TRPC (classic or canonical), TRPV (vanilloid), TRPM (melastatin), TRPA (ankyrin), TRPP (polycistin), and TRPML (mucolipin). Each subfamily comprises several channel subtypes, and many have splice variants, leading to the exhaustive list of channels and their pairing combination. The TRP channels are a superfamily of channels that allow the influx of both Ca2+ and Na+.

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  • Amiloride hydrochloride

    Blocker of ENaC/ASIC/Degenerin Channels

    Cat # A-140
    Source Synthetic
    MW 266.09
    Target ENaC, ASIC, TRPP3 channels, NHE-1 transporter
    • Bioassay Tested

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