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Kits & Packs

We’ve packaged our products to offer you more value. Whether you’re looking to explore new and diverse tools, or are seeking an all-in-one package for your research needs, we’ve made it easier – and much more budget friendly – to achieve your goals.


Explorer Kits

These screening packages let you sample new products and expand your knowledge, while staying within a budget. Now you can try various research tools to discover what works best for you – at a minimal cost.


Explorer Kits, antibody or pharmacological, are based on:

✓ Target (e.g. NaV channels, mechanosensitive ion channels, AMPA receptors, Muscarinic receptors, Angiotensin II receptors)
✓ Expression profile (e.g. cardiac, muscle, DRGs, lysosomes)
✓ Disease/indication (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, pain, LongQT syndrome)


Research Packs

All you need for a specific target in a budget friendly package.


Research Packs combine antibodies and pharmacological tools for:

✓ TRPV1, NaV7, TRPA1, KCNQ channels, and more
✓ Endothelin receptors, Angiotensin receptors and more
✓ NGF, BDNF and more

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