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Biotinylated Toxins

Voltage-Gated Na+ Channels

Voltage-gated Na­­­­­­­+ (NaV) channels are important for the generation and propagation of signals in electrically excitable tissues like the muscle, heart, and nerve. Activation of these channels ultimately leads to muscular contraction, cardiac rhythm, and neuronal firing. Nine mammalian isoforms of voltage-gated Na­­­­­­­+ channels have been identified (NaV1.1-NaV1.9). Nine genes (SCN1ASCN2A, etc.) encoding distinct α subunit isoforms and 4 β subunit genes (SCN1BSCN2B, etc.) have been identified in the human genome. The nine isoforms share a similar (but complex) architecture.

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  • ProTx-II-Biotin

    A Blocker of NaV1.7 and NaV1.5 Channels and some T-Type Ca2+ Channels Conjugated to Biotin

    Cat # STP-100-B
    MW 4053 Da
    Target NaV Na+ channels and T-type Ca2+ channels
    • Bioassay Tested

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Displaying 1 product (out of 1 products)