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Custom Services: Your Research Your Way

When your research needs something special, we can make it for you. 

You know that protocol in the lab? The one with all the scribbles on and notes in the margin telling you to just invert the tube a few times rather than vortex? The protocol that everyone uses because it works so well since it’s been customized to suit what you’re doing in the lab rather than the general approach it was created for. 

That’s what our custom services feel like. 

Biological research is rarely straightforward. Living systems have that unpredictable element which means you have to adapt protocols and approaches more often than you’d like – especially when you’re tackling novel problems. 

Because of that, now and then your research needs something new. Something custom. Something that isn’t constrained by its off-the-shelf nature. 

To make sure you have whatever it is your research needs, we’ve expanded our Custom Services options. There are the usual suspects in there, like bulk orders (that come with discounts) and lot reservations, but there are a lot more as well. 

Custom Conjugation – Not Just Antibodies

Perhaps you need an antibody, a toxin, or a growth factor conjugated to a specific reporter so that it fits alongside your other conjugated reagents. You can choose from fluorescent tags like ATTO-Fluors (488, 590, 594, or 633) and FITC or even non-fluorescent tags like biotin. If you need something else, then we can almost certainly make that happen as well – you just need to get in touch so that we can discuss the details. 

Carrier-free Antibodies

Perhaps you’re running a sensitive assay like CyTOF and you need your reagent without carriers like bovine serum albumin (BSA) or azide – we can do that for you. No problem. 

Derivative and Novel Development

Sometimes you need a little more customization than usual. Maybe you need the sequence of one of our toxins modified in a certain way. Or perhaps you need a completely novel toxin or peptide synthesized from scratch. 

This is a service that will be online very soon, and, as toxin specialists, with a library of over 200 toxins and more than 30 years of experience, we can’t wait for you to access it. 

Modifying a sequence or developing something new obviously requires a little more time and input from everyone involved, but once this service goes live, it’s still something we can do for you. 

Your Research Your Way

So often we all just make use of what we already have. And there’s a lot to be said for working with the tools we have, but custom services are now available for you to create something bespoke. Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of the ability to create the reagents you need to answer the questions you have. 

Sometimes, a new approach can shed a lot of light on an old problem.