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Alomone Guarantee

Alomone Labs offers a unique product line. Each lot is tested and validated under stringent quality control testing. Antibodies are validated for specificity with the immunizing peptide in western blot analysis. Pharmacological reagents and recombinant proteins are bioassay tested in relevant biological systems. We are dedicated to producing reliable products that yield reproducible results.

Prior to using our products, we recommend you review our up to date protocols section which have been developed based on our lab’s experience working with complex membrane proteins. 

We offer a 100% guarantee on all our products; please follow the guidelines mentioned in the certificate of analysis for each product. If our products do not perform as stated, please contact our technical support staff.

If we are unable to resolve your issue, you will be offered a credit or replacement product.


  • Products must be stored and used as directed on the datasheet
  • Products must be used within one year of purchase
  • Products are only guaranteed to conform to the specifications on their datasheet.
  • Customer must contact technical service for assistance and follow recommended protocol