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Pharmacological Reagent FAQs

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Are peptides from natural or synthetic sources?

Alomone Labs proteins/peptides are derived from three main sources: recombinant (expressed in E. coli), synthetic peptides or natural (isolated from the original source in nature). The source of each peptide or protein is specified for each product.

Are additives added to the peptides/proteins?

Our peptides/proteins are lyophilized from distilled water or any volatile buffer with a minimum amount of salt. Carrier proteins or other additives (e.g., BSA, HSA, sucrose, etc.) are not added.

How to properly handle a peptide/protein vial?

Before opening, the vial should be allowed to reach ambient temperature. Where possible, we recommend to centrifuge all product preparations before use (10000 x g 5 min). It is preferable to reconstitute the entire sample and aliquot the resulting solution. Avoid thawing/freezing cycles which tend to degrade the peptide/proteins.

What is the expiration date of peptides/proteins?

Under proper storage conditions, proteins/peptides tend to be stable for many years. These conditions include storing proteins as lyophilized powder, storing the product frozen (-20°C or -80°C) at protein concentrations of greater than 0.1 mg/ml in DDW or low salt concentration, and limiting the number of freeze/thaw cycles.