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Live Cell Imaging Catalog

New guide to cell-surface protein detection: Protocols and products

At Alomone Labs we have a diverse product portfolio that we have optimized specifically for use in flow cytometry (FACS) and live cell imaging. These reagents include directly conjugated and unconjugated antibodies, kits, labeled toxins and neurotrophins.

Our new Live Cell Imaging Catalog Guide covers all our optimized product range and relevant protocols.

Extracellular Antibodies

Save yourself the trouble of fixing and killing all your cells! Try our primaries, conjugated to either PE or FITC. Just stain, image (or sort, if FACS is your thing), and analyze.

  • Find your antibody from over 500 extracellular targets
  • PE and FITC conjugates
  • We develop and test everything in house on live-cell applications

Our extracellular antibodies enable the rapid characterization of different cell lineages, and detect cell surface protein expression for your research needs.

ICC using live cells (LCI) with our extracellular antibodies can be used to detect protein expression, monitor cell movement, study protein transport and internalization.

View our LCI portfolio

Common applications for flow cytometry (FACS) include their use to detect specific cell types in heterogenous cell populations. They are available in unconjugated and conjugated formats. Conjugate labels include ATTO dyes, Phycoerythrin (PE) and Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC).

We also are pleased to offer a unique custom labelling service to our research customers.

Benefits of Alomone Labs FITC and PE conjugated Extracellular Antibodies:

  • Optimized for flow cytometry (FACS)
  • Tested with appropriate isotype control
  • No need for secondary antibodies
  • Cell-surface detection of proteins
  • Permeabilization & cell fixation not required
  • Time saving

View our IFC/FC antibodies

Labeled Toxins

If you’re working in ion channel research, labeled toxins are an ideal tool to directly label cells expressing a channel of interest.

  • We offer a number of toxins labeled with ATTO or FITC fluorescent dyes.
  • Our in-house bioassay tests ensure there is no loss of activity observed versus their non-labeled equivalents.

Our product range includes toxins that bind to GABA(A) Receptors and nAChRs. In addition, inward rectifier K+ Channel blockers and voltage-gated K+ channel blockers.

View our labeled toxins range

Labeled Neurotrophins

Neurotrophins are a family of soluble, basic protein growth factors that regulate neuronal development, maintenance, survival and death in the CNS and the PNS. Our biotinylated neurotrophins provide useful research tools for live cell imaging and cell differentiation in culture.

View our labeled neurotrophins