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Multiplex immunostaining:
Applications of ATTO primary conjugates

Multiplex immunofluorescence (IF) or immunostaining, sometimes also referred to as immuno co-localization involves the sequential application of conjugated antibodies. The aim of the technique is to help determine the co-occurrence of two or more proteins, typically in the same sub-cellular structure or tissue.

Alomone labs offers a number of directly conjugated primary antibodies to help streamline your multiplex immunostaining experiment – excluding the need for a secondary antibody detection. Our primary conjugates of choice are a new generation of fluorophores – ATTO dyes*. We optimize and test them in house for multiplex immunostaining.

They offer several advantages over many commonly used conjugate dyes, like Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) and Alexa Fluor®️.

  • Stronger absorption (high extinction coefficient)
  • Higher fluorescence quantum yield
  • Higher photo-stability

For more information on ATTO dye applications:

Conjugated antibody guide for multiplex immunostaining

Download our new technical paper: Conjugated antibody guide for multiplex immunostaining

We have ~100 ATTO-conjugated primary antibodies, which we have used in combination with our Guinea Pig-raised polyclonal antibodies for multiplex immunostaining (immuno co-localization). The use of guinea pig-raised antibodies helps minimize cross-reactivity between antibodies where the host species are often mouse, rabbit or goat.

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* Used under license from from ATTO-TEC GmBH