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Your Antibodies, Your Way 

With our new custom antibody services, you can get the ideal antibody configuration for your research – we can even help you build your unique panel.

In a lot of instances, your research needs something that  you can’t find in the standard catalog. Sometimes you need a specific antibody conjugated directly to a certain fluorophore so it fits into a multiplex assay you’re running. Other times you might need antibodies in a carrier free solution for things like Cytometry by Time Of Flight (CyTOF). Flow cytometry is a prime example where you’re likely to need tailored antibody conjugations or even a whole panel designed from scratch.

That’s why we’ve developed Custom Antibody Services, where you can get your antibodies configured to meet all of your research needs. With this new service you can even get your antibodies directly conjugated to the reporter you need, so you always get your antibodies, your way.

The Edge That is Direct Conjugation

Scenarios where you have to juggle primary and secondary antibodies for multiplex assays are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inconsistencies. When you’re running flow cytometry this isn’t an added complexity you want. Our direct conjugation service cuts through this complexity. By linking the fluorophore directly to the primary antibody, the need for a secondary antibody vanishes. This shift isn’t just about streamlining, it’s about enhancing the quality of your data.

Why? Because every layer you remove reduces the chances of non-specific binding – a notorious headache in flow cytometry. Less non-specific binding means cleaner, more reliable data. And there’s more: this direct approach speeds up the process, making your experiments quicker and more cost-effective.

Custom Conjugation Mean Your Research, Your Rules

Because Alomone Labs is both a manufacturer and supplier, it gives us the power to provide you with unparalleled customization. Need a specific fluorophore for your specific antibody? How about a custom panel? Or even some entirely novel? We can do that for you. This tailored approach, coupled with scientific support from the scientists involved in developing these reagents ensures that your research is efficient and effective.

Extra Extracellular Antibodies

Another notable aspect of what you can get from us is an extensive range of extracellular antibodies. This range is particularly suited for direct flow cytometry in live cells, a critical factor in many research scenarios. The ability to work with live cells opens up a plethora of research opportunities and applications, making Alomone’s products highly valuable.

Unlike some vendors, you always have access to the immunogen peptide sequence and where an antibody binds – down to the exact amino acid residues.  

An example from the “Immunogen” section of our Anti-Adenosine A2A Receptor (extracellular)-FITC Antibody (#AAR-008-F). You’ll find data like these on all of our antibody data sheets on our website. 

Comprehensive Control Options

In scientific experimentation, controls are as important as the experimental conditions themselves. In light of this, we also offer IgG isotype controls for flow cytometry. Just like the main primary antibodies, these isotype controls can also be conjugated with your dye of choice to provide a comprehensive and reliable control for experiments. We added these to make sure you have all the necessary tools to validate your findings accurately.

Upcoming Innovations: Acid Sensing GPCRs and Immuno-Metabolic Panels

To showcase how custom panels of directly conjugated antibodies can be created and used for flow cytometry, we have developed two multicolor panels: one for key immunometabolic markers and acid-sensing GPCRs. We used Rabbit IgG Isotype Control-FITC (#RIC-001-F), Rabbit IgG Isotype Control-PE (#RIC-001-PE), and Rabbit IgG Isotype Control-APC (#RIC-001-APC) as controls for the experiments below.

Immuno-metabolic panel

This first panel simultaneously used three different metabolic markers in mouse macrophages. This panels used our Anti-GPR120/FFAR4 (extracellular)-FITC Antibody (#AFR-014-F), Anti-xCT/SLC7A11 (extracellular)-PE Antibody (#ANT-111-PE), and Anti-GLUT1 (extracellular)-APC Antibody (#AGT-041-APC). Live mouse J774 macrophage cells were labeled with 5 µg of each antibody and analyzed in a flow cytometer (top panel) and then again with the addition of the respective isotype controls (bottom panel):

Acid-sensing GPCRs

For this second panel we turned our attention to acid-sensing GPCRs. Here we simultaneously stained three different acid-sensing GPCRs in a monocytic leukemia cell line. Here we used Anti-GPR68 (OGR1) (extracellular)-FITC Antibody (#AGR-042-F), Anti-GPR65 (TDAG8) (extracellular)-PE Antibody (#AGR-043-PE), and Anti-Human GPR132/G2A (extracellular) Antibody (#AGR-046).

Human THP-1 monocytic leukemia cells were labeled with 5 µg of each antibody and analyzed in a flow cytometer (top panel) and then again with the addition of the respective isotype controls (bottom panel):

Giving You Control

If you are looking to incorporate custom antibodies into your research, why not come to someone who makes and tests everything in house and has scientists on hand to help you?

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