TSH Receptor


Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), a glycoprotein hormone composed of α and β chains, is produced by thyrotrope cells of the anterior pituitary. The TSH receptor (TSHR) plays a prominent role in thyroid physiology and disease. The established biological function of TSHR in the thyroid gland is to regulate synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormones from follicular thyroid cells; it also plays an important role in controlling the growth and development of the thyroid gland.

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  • Anti-TSH Receptor (extracellular) Antibody

    A Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody to TSH Receptor

    Cat # ATR-006
    Type Polyclonal
    Source Rabbit
    Applications wb, ic*, ifc*, ih*, ip*, lci*
    Reactivity h, m, r
    • Lyophilized Powder
    • Antigen Incl.
    • Shipped at Room Temp.

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Displaying 1 product (out of 1 products)