Na+/H+ Exchangers


Maintaining physiological intracellular pH values is vital for most cells. The Na+/H+ exchanger family (NHE and also known as SLC9 family) is widely expressed and has a key role in protecting cells against acidification. There are currently six NHE transporters identified in mammalian cells.

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  • Amiloride hydrochloride

    Blocker of ENaC/ASIC/Degenerin Channels

    Cat # A-140
    Source Synthetic
    MW 266.09
    Target ENaC, ASIC, TRPP3 channels, NHE-1 transporter
  • 5-(N,N-Dimethyl)amiloride hydrochloride

    A Blocker of TRPA1 Channels and Selective Blocker of Na+/H+ and Na+/Ca2+ Exchangers

    Cat # D-165
    Source Synthetic
    MW 294.1
    Target TRPA1 channel, Na+/H+ and Na+/Ca2+ exchangers
  • HMA

    An Antagonist of Na+/H+ Exchangers, P2X7 receptors and TRPA1, ASIC3 Channels

    Cat # H-130
    Source Synthetic
    MW 311.77
    Target NHE exchangers, TRPA1, ASIC3 channels, P2X7 receptors

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Displaying 1 to 3 products (out of 3 products)