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Modulator No. 27 – Hot Off The Press!


We are kicking off 30 years of empowering the spirit of science with our 27th issue of the Modulator magazine.

What better way to celebrate 30 years!


The Modulator magazine is our contribution to the scientific community. Each article focuses on recent studies in ion channel research describing the unique ways our reagents are being used. We are grateful to you for trusting us by using our products in your experiments, for publishing significant results, and for continuing to propel science forward. Thank you for your contribution to this vision, and for sharing your scientific spirit with all of us.

In this issue we cover NaV channels and pain, followed by a piece on the research potential of new T-type CaV channel blockers. We continue our journey talking about the ever so important NMDA receptors and their role in neuronal plasticity, and finish off this celebration with KV4 channels and their role in aging (yes, we are aging, let’s embrace it!).


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