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GPCR Pathways

Issue No. 3

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The Hype on the Endothelin Signaling System

Over the past two decades, research in the endothelin signaling system has been quite intensive since they are profoundly involved in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. While major efforts are being invested in finding a proper antagonist to the two G-protein coupled receptors of endothelin, …


Muscarinic Receptor Family

The muscarinic receptors belong to the G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) family. In mammals, at least five different muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes (mAChRs; m1 through m5) are known to be widely expressed and distributed in different tissues from different species. They mediate …


Exploring P2Y Receptors

Following hypoxia or inflammation, extracellular nucleotide release can activate two families of receptors, the ionotropic P2X receptors with seven subtypes (P2X1-7), and the metabotropic G-protein coupled P2Y receptors, which are the focus of this review. Eight mammalian P2Y receptors have been …