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Neurotrophin Pathways

Issue No. 2

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Survival and Phagocytic Effects of CNTF

CNTF, a member of the cytokine family, was originally described as a neuronal survival factor in the chick cilia ganglia. Later on it was found to have trophic effects on different types of neurons. CNTF effects are mediated by a tripartite receptor complex consisting of two signal-transducing …


pro-Neurotrophins: The Other Identity of Neurotrophins

The precursors of neurotrophins – pro-neurotrophins – have proven to be biologically active. This short report aims at pointing out some of their biological functions using Alomone Labs recombinant pro-neurotrophins and antibodies targeted against them. Introduction Neurotrophins (NTs) such …


Off the Trk (with K252a)

The four mammalian neurotrophins (NTs) – NGF, BDNF, NT-3, and NT-4 - are renowned regulators of neural plasticity, function and survival. They differentially activate tropomyosin-related kinase (Trk) receptors: TrkA (binds NGF), TrkB (binds BDNF and NT-4), and TrkC (binds NT-3). NT-3 can also …


NT-3 and NT-4 at the Nerve Center of Neurotrophic Research

Neurotrophins have emerged more than 6 decades ago as the mysterious molecules behind neuronal well-being. Their wide range of activities includes, but is not limited to, protection, proliferation and maintenance of all nerve cells. This short article presents a list papers citing the use of …


In Focus: NGF Neutralization

Nerve growth factor (NGF), the founder of the neurotrophin superfamily, exerts a wide range of physiological functions not only in the nervous system but also in non-neuronal cells2. It promotes neuronal cell survival or cell death, depending on the context of the neuronal environment, by …