K+ channel toxin α-KTx 5.1, Leiurotoxin I, LeTx I, ScyTx
A Potent Blocker of KCa2 (SK) K+ Channels
    Cat #: STS-370
    Alternative Name K+ channel toxin α-KTx 5.1, Leiurotoxin I, LeTx I, ScyTx
  • Lyophilized Powder
  • Bioassay Tested
  • Origin Synthetic peptide
    MW: 3423 Da.
    Purity: >98% (HPLC)
    Effective concentration 20-200 nM.
    Modifications Disulfide bonds between Cys3-Cys21, Cys8-Cys26, and Cys12-Cys28. His31 - C terminal amidation.
      • Scyllatoxin
    Molecular formula C142H237N45O39S7.
    CAS No.: 142948-19-4.
    Activity Scyllatoxin inhibits small conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels (SK)1-3.
    Shipping and storage Shipped at room temperature. Product as supplied can be stored intact at room temperature for several weeks. For longer periods, it should be stored at -20°C.
    Solubility Any aqueous buffer. Centrifuge all product preparations before use (10000 x g 5 min).
    Storage of solutions Up to two weeks at 4°C or three months at -20°C.
      • Scyllatoxin
        Alomone Labs Scyllatoxin inhibits rSK2 channels stably expressed in HEK293T cells.
        rSK2 channel currents were measured using whole cell voltage clamp in the presence of Ca2+ in the pipette solution. A voltage ramp from -120 mV to +60 mV was applied every 10 sec from a holding potential of -80 mV. A. Time course of current amplitude at 0 mV before (black) and during (green) application of 1 nM Scyllatoxin (#STS-370). B. Representative current traces at control conditions (black) and following 140 s application of 1 nM Scyllatoxin (green), taken from the experiment in A.
        Alomone Labs Scyllatoxin inhibits KCa2.2 channels heterologously expressed in Xenopus oocytes.
        Oocyte membrane potential was held at +5 mV (in a low Cl- solution) and currents were elicited by intraoocyte CaCl2 injection. During the period marked by a green trace (30 seconds), 100 nM of Scyllatoxin (#STS-370) was applied by perfusion.
    References - Scientific background
      • Scyllatoxin is a 31 amino acid long toxin, originally isolated from the Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus scorpion venom, and is classified as α-KTx 5.1 scorpion toxin family, having three disulfide bridges1,2.

        Scyllatoxin was shown to compete with 125I-apamin binding in the brain3. Furthermore, Scyllatoxin appears to be selective for apamin-sensitive SK channels. Scyllatoxin inhibits apamin-sensitive SK channel activity in guinea-pig and rabbit hepatocytes4, SK currents in human lymphoblastoma cells5,6, and epinephrine-induced relaxation of visceral smooth muscle7.

        Scyllatoxin also inhibits the apamin-sensitive after hyperpolarization that follows action potentials in skeletal muscle7 and neurons8. The SK channel-mediated after hyperpolarising current (IAHP) of dorsal vagal neurons, presuming Kca2.3 (SK3), were blocked by Scyllatoxin (20-30 nM)9. HEK 293 cell currents stably expressing hKca2.1 (hSK1) and Kca2.2 (hSK2) were blocked by Scyllatoxin with an IC50 of 80 nM and 287 pM, respectively10.

    Target KCa2 K+ channels
    Net Peptide Content: 100%
    Last update: 24/01/2020

    Scyllatoxin (#STS-370) is a highly pure, synthetic, and biologically active peptide toxin.

    For research purposes only, not for human use