P2X7 Receptor Premium Research Pack

All You Need for P2X7 Receptor Research
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Cat #: ESP-710
Last update: 24/01/2020

P2X7 Receptor Premium Research Pack (#ESP-710) contains all you need for P2X7 receptor research: P2X7 receptor -specific antibodies and pharmacological tools, all in one budget friendly package!

For research purposes only, not for human use


Product NameCat #Size
Anti-P2X7 Receptor Antibody
APR-004 1 x 0.2 ml
Anti-P2X7 Receptor (extracellular) Antibody
APR-008 1 x 0.2 ml
BzATP triethylammonium salt
A-385 1 x 10 mg
J-115 1 x 25 mg
K-120 1 x 10 mg
Z-145 1 x 25 mg
Garcinolic acid
G-155 1 x 1 mg
GW 791343 hydrochloride
G-115 1 x 25 mg

Scientific Background

Scientific Background
    • The P2X7 purinergic receptor is a member of the ionotropic P2X receptor family that is activated by ATP. To date, this family consists of seven receptor subtypes, named P2X1-P2X7, all of which have been cloned.

      The various P2X receptors show distinct expression patterns. P2X1-6 receptors have been found in the central and peripheral nervous system, while the P2X7 receptor is found in cells of the immune system, particularly in antigen-presenting cells and microglia.

      The P2X7 receptor mediates the release of proinflamatory cytokines and stimulation of transcription factors and may also play an important role in apoptosis1-3.

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