T-Type CaV Channel Blocker Explorer Kit

A Screening Package of T-Type CaV Channel Blockers Economically Priced
  • Lyophilized Powder
  • Bioassay Tested
Cat #: EK-111
Last update: 24/01/2020

Alomone Labs is pleased to offer the T-Type CaV Channel Blocker Explorer Kit (#EK-111). The Explorer Kit contains many classical T-type CaV channel blockers, ideal for screening purposes.

For research purposes only, not for human use


Product NameCat #Size
A-110 1 x 250 mg
Amlodipine besylate
A-120 1 x 10 mg
L-Ascorbic acid
L-140 1 x 10 g
Benidipine hydrochloride
B-120 1 x 5 mg
Flunarizine dihydrochloride
F-110 1 x 1 g
STT-300 1 x 50 µg
STK-800 1 x 25 µg
Loperamide hydrochloride
L-100 1 x 5 g
Mibefradil dihydrochloride hydrate
M-150 1 x 1 mg
ML 218
M-165 1 x 5 mg
ML 218 hydrochloride
M-166 1 x 5 mg
Nicardipine HCl
N-125 1 x 1 g
NNC 55-0396 dihydrochloride
N-205 1 x 5 mg
NNC 55-0396 dihydrochloride hydrate
N-206 1 x 5 mg
P-135 1 x 25 mg
STP-400 1 x 50 µg
STP-100 1 x 50 µg
SKF 96365 hydrochloride
S-175 1 x 5 mg
T-140 1 x 5 mg
T-155 1 x 5 mg

Scientific Background

    • Voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (CaV) form an important route for Ca2+ entry into cells upon deviations from the cell's resting membrane potential.  There are ten Caα1 subunit genes, divided into three subfamilies on both a functional and sequence homology basis. The CaV1 subfamily includes four genes which encode the L-type channels, the CaV3 subfamily includes three genes encoding the T-type channels and the CaV2 subfamily consists of three isoforms encoding P/Q- , N- and R-type channels, with all three contributing to neurotransmitter release in neurons.

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