AMPA Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit

A Screening Package of AMPA Receptor Antibodies Economically Priced
  • Lyophilized Powder
  • Antigen Incl.
Cat #: AK-213
Last update: 24/01/2020

Alomone Labs is pleased to offer the AMPA Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit (#AK-213). The Explorer Kit contains AMPA receptor antibodies with their respective peptide control antigen. An ideal tool for screening purposes.

For research purposes only, not for human use


Note Guinea pig polyclonal antibodies (#AGP-009, #AGP-073, #AGP-142) are included in this Explorer Kit. Please take into account when reacting with a secondary antibody.

Scientific Background

Scientific Background
    • The ionotropic glutamate receptors are divided into three main categories: AMPA, NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) and Kainate Receptors.

      AMPA Receptors consist of four closely related genes with a high sequence homology. Their related products, GluR1-GluR4 subunits combine in tetramers in different stoichiometries1 which determine their channel function. These receptors, like many other cellular proteins undergo post-translational modifications. Such modifications influence protein-protein interactions, trafficking, internalization and their accumulation in the Golgi. Also, post-translational modifications are also involved in regulating LTP-driven incorporation of AMPA Receptors into the post-synaptic membrane (extensively reviewed in reference 2).

      AMPA Receptors are responsible for the primary depolarization in glutamate-mediated neurotransmission. in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry studies show that AMPA Receptors are mainly distributed in the brain. These receptors play important roles in synaptic plasticity, excitatory neurotransmission, LTP and LTD effects, and take part in learning and memory formation3-6. The important functions AMPA Receptors have acquired, also imply that deregulation of these receptors leads to pathologies.

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