Connexin Antibody Explorer Kit

A Screening Package of Connexin Antibodies for Economically Priced
  • Lyophilized Powder
  • Antigen Incl.
Cat #: AK-420
Sizes: 18 Vials
Last update: 24/04/2019

Alomone Labs is pleased to offer the Connexin Antibody Explorer Kit (#AK-420). This Explorer Kit includes connexin antibodies, ideal for screening purposes.

For research purposes only, not for human use
Product Name Cat # Size
Anti-Connexin-26 (GJB2) Antibody
ACC-212 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-29 (extracellular) Antibody
ACC-223 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-31 (GJB3) Antibody
ACC-213 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-32 Antibody
ACC-211 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-36 Antibody
ACC-209 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-37 Antibody
ACC-204 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-40 (GJA5) Antibody
ACC-205 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-43 Antibody
ACC-201 1 x 50 µl
Anti-Connexin-45 (GJC1) Antibody
ACC-207 1 x 50 µl
Scientific Background
Scientific Background Connexins (Cx) are integral membrane proteins consisting of four transmembrane domains, two extracellular loops, one intracellular loop and intracellular N- and C-termini. The 21 members belonging to this family form homomeric or heteromeric hexamers generally termed connexons or hemi-channels. In turn, these hemi-channels further assemble in a head-to-head manner, thus forming gap junction channels1,2. Connexins are ubiquitously expressed and their activity is regulated at the expression level and by post-translational modifications1. For example, Connexin-43 (Cx43) protein level is regulated by its turnover rate and by phosphorylation of various residues which ultimately determines its activity rate1.
  1. Goodenough, D.A. and Paul, D.L. (2011) Cold Spring Harb. Persp. Biol. 2009, 1.
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